2021 Member Survey Snippets

A very big thank you to the many members who completed our first member survey of 2021 and whose input will help to guide decision making for the conference and other events this year.

The Committee are still busy analysing all your responses but wanted to share a few of the results that caught their attention.

Suggested Priorities for the PAA

After a year like 2020, where Pilates was classed as indoor recreation for COVID restrictions, it’s unsurprising that topping the list of suggested priorities for the PAA is:

  • Increasing recognition, status & credibility of the profession – 73%

Also very near the top were:

  • Providing resources and support for members – 43%
  • Setting Pilates certification standards – 43%
  • Advocating for the recognition of Pilates services – 42%

Although, it’s good to see that 47% of members answering would still like to see the PAA providing continuing education opportunities such as the conference.

Member Upgrades

  • 65% of respondents have upgraded in the past 5 years
  • 30% of respondents would like more information on upgrading

It’s the first time we’ve asked in a member survey whether anyone would like to be contacted about upgrading and we were a little surprised how many members have said yes. We’ll be calling/emailing soon to follow up!

Top three (3) considerations when choosing a Pilates conference?

  • Topics and content 70%
  • Presenters 61%
  • Professional development points available 44%

It was quite a surprise not to see Budget in the top three considerations, but never fear, it was up there at number 4 with 42%. It is always one of our biggest considerations too – how to set a price that is accessible to everyone while juggling operational expenses and finding sensational presenters!

Top three (3) topic areas of most interest

  • Rehabilitation skills and programming 63%
  • Pilates for special populations and conditions 57%
  • Anatomy and biomechanics 52%

It’s clear from these results that there’s a strong focus from our respondents on the health and rehab aspect of Pilates.

Offers to be more involved with the PAA

Finally, we’ve had an overwhelming response from member’s who would like to share their skills with the PAA and be more involved. Thank you to everyone who showed an interest, it will take a little while to get in touch with you all!

Apologies, also to any members who volunteered last year for projects that did not proceed when everything went sideways as COVID hit! We are reactivating many of these projects and will be in touch.

PAA Committee