2021 Conference In Studio Event

Masterclass and Social Event at Body Organics, West End, Brisbane QLD

During the recent PAA Conference, Body Organics Education in West End, Brisbane were lucky enough to be able to host an In Studio Masterclass and social event. It was touch and go a few days beforehand when there was a brief lockdown scare, but fortunately it came to nothing and their event was a big success.

Several of the major conference exhibitors/sponsors provided options for participants to try and explore their different products, including:

The In Studio evening began with a Masterclass – Unburdening the Shoulder – presented by Carla Mullins.

Body Organics EducationIn Studio class

Carla reports that the Unburdening the Shoulder class went really well – here is a photo of them all doing different things and exploring the ideas of the shoulder (much of which is covered in the PAA approved Anatomy Dimensions Shoulder course).

All of the students expressed having more freedom in their shoulders after the class and left with many ideas on how to work with frozen or stuck shoulders.

After the early evening class was the evening social event – an opportunity to network with peers and enjoy some light refreshments while watching a screening of the conference workshop Joe’s Contrology, presented by Elaine Ewing and Sean Gallagher.

Big thanks from Carla (and the PAA) to the Ginporium who ensured the PAA2021 conference attendees were well hydrated.

Here are a few more photos from the evening and some video that clearly show the event went well!

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