Natural Therapies Review – NTREAP Stakeholder update

NTREAP Stakeholder Update

On August 20, 2021, the stakeholders of the Natural Therapy Review were updated on progress and outcomes of the recent meeting. The PAA has been actively involved as a stakeholder at all opportunities within this process.

The fifth meeting of the Expert Advisory Panel was held on August 17. The items covered in that meeting of interest to the Pilates industry were:

  • The timeframe for the review has been extended until late 2022.
  • Draft evidence evaluations are nearing completion for Rolfing and Pilates with shiatsu and tai chi anticipated next.
  • The next meeting of the NTREAP is planned for late September/early October 2021, and is likely to focus on consideration of:
    • Tranche 1 draft evidence evaluation reports (Rolfing and Pilates); and
    • Tranche 2 further draft research protocols.

Originally, it was planned that there would be one large report published at the end of the review process covering all the modalities being considered. However, because some modalities are much further advanced on their timeline, there is a chance that these modalities will be reported on in November & December. This includes Pilates & Rolfing & possibly tai chi, shiatsu & yoga.

If the evidence supports Pilates, there is a possibility that we may have it considered for inclusion as a rebate-able health fund service from April 2022. However, this is an exceedingly tight timeline & so we, like all good Pilates instructors, are not holding our breath.

I would like to thank Dr Penny Latey for her work on the Expert Panel & the hours of work she continues to voluntarily donate to fight for the recognition of the Pilates industry.

Robyn Rix
PAA Treasurer and Research


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