2023 Conference Presenter Applications

PAA Conference 2023 - Call for Presenters

The PAA conference is set for 25 – 27 August 2023. This year’s conference will be a live event with an exciting schedule of international and national presenters. It will be held in Melbourne at the Crown Conference Centre, Southbank.

The PAA is seeking applications for workshop presenters and class instructors for a broad range of Pilates workshops and classes.

The Application Process:

Qualified and experienced Pilates teachers are invited to apply to present a 2 hour workshop or a 50 minute class. You can also partner to co-present a workshop.

Step 1:

Your initial application will include:

  • proposed workshop or class title
  • synopsis including key concepts of the content and detailed list of learning outcomes
  • professional resume of presenter/s
  • presentation style (practical, lecture or combination)

Closing date: 16 January 2023.

Step 2:

Selected presenters will then provide additional detail on their workshop.


  • expanded detail on their workshop including lesson plan and draft learning materials
  • provide detail of any Pilates equipment and props required as well as AV needs

Deadline: 6 February 2023

Step 3:

Provide marketing material for conference schedule and website

  • workshop/class description
  • concise biography
  • quality colour headshot

Deadline: 12 February 2023

(Other marketing material may be requested during the run-up to the event)


Email info@pilates.org.au with any questions about applying or presenting.

Follow this link for Tips for a Successful Application… 

Application Criteria

Pilates workshop

  • 2 hour workshop
  • presenter must be a PAA level 4 member (7,000 hrs) or equivalent or a specialist in the workshop topic
  • demonstrates experience presenting
  • we are looking for exciting new workshops and content not previously presented in Australia
  • additional training/qualifications are required for workshop topics in the areas of pre/postnatal, cancer and neurological conditions – click for details
  • workshop may be lecture, demonstration, practical or any combination of these
  • workshop must be suitable for live presentation either in person or online

Non Pilates workshop

  • 2 hour workshop
  • business development workshop (e.g. Marketing, financial management, HR, studio management and similar topics)
  • minimum 5 years experience in subject field
  • presenter must be an expert in the subject area and demonstrate relevant qualifications in their professional resume
  • demonstrates experience presenting

Pilates class – mat, small apparatus, reformer or Wunda chair

  • 50 min class
  • Instructor must be minimum PAA level 3 member (5,000 hrs) or equivalent with experience presenting

Presenter Application Form

Please complete the application form, ensuring you have the following available before you begin:

  • your PAA membership number if you are a member
  • your proposal – including title, synopsis (key concepts of the content and detailed list of learning outcomes)
  • professional resume of presenter/s (qualifications, experience, current positions, specialisations, presenter experience etc.)

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