President’s Report May 2018

Jen Guest PAA President

Jen Guest PAA President

I welcome you all to our May newsletter, and hope that you have been enjoying our gorgeous delayed summer into April and May.

The BMS Insurance opt-in has been integrated into the PAA annual membership fee. BMS Insurance is a company which engages with allied health professionals, specifically offering a range of insurance options at personal, professional and business levels. Other allied health associates have recognised BMS Insurance as a provider; indicating the level of confidence the community has in their scope of work.

In addition, we have engaged the services of Associations Forum Pty Ltd (AF), an organisation which works specifically in training the management of not for profit organisations. The AF will provide us with direct feedback, advice, education and access to governance and this will boost the performance of the PAA. We believe that this is an important avenue to explore as our association grows in numbers, relevance and recognition.

Private health insurance and the proposed Government changes due in April 2019, continue to be top priority in our work plan.  Interesting discussions with lobbyists and regulatory councils have opened the way for discussions with both government and opposition partners. We have been advised that with the voice of our members, we do have the power to call for change. How then, in practical terms, can we make a case? For the past 20 years, the Pilates Method in Australia has proven itself to be a valuable protocol improving the health, wellbeing and function of many. The Pilates Method is an accessible form of movement acquisition for all ages and demographics.  We all need to engage those who believe in what we do. We should all ask for testimonials and members should speak to their local member of government; speak to the media and be a voice within the community. All members of the PAA should ask our clients to spread the positive value of the Pilates Method. The more people speak out, the more the government and private health insurance companies will be forced to listen. After all, they need our vote, our engagement of business; they need us the people; they need to provide for us; we need to tell them what we want. This direct word can be achieved now. Clinical based evidence is what current Health Minister Greg Hunt has called for. He knows that this takes time; longer than the coming 12 months. What we will give him now is the united voice of our members and clients.

Standardised education of a high level has always been a priority of the PAA.  Shortly we are to hold our education forum where we meet with all of our recognised education bodies and spend time discussing best practice methods of undergraduate and post graduate education in Australia. The education bodies, along with the PAA, take great pride in holding the highest standards of Pilates training education in the world.

The biennial PAA Conference has been booked for the 15-17 September 2019, at the International Conference Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney.  We have been honored to have international Pilates notaries accept our invitation to play a role as key note speakers or presenters at this conference. The line up is indeed impressive and their willingness to participate, reflects the high regard speakers have for the PAA and its reputation. Further details will be advertised later in the year.

Remember to access your journal of bodywork on movement which is part of your full membership. It is always filled with fabulous research articles.  The momentum of the Pilates Alliance Australasia continues to build. As we grow we will provide our members and future members with a strong cohesive industry body to support, recognise and grow the profession.

See you all soon.

Jen x