Build a Business Continuity Plan and Prepare for the Unexpected

The damage caused to small businesses by COVID-19 and the recent bushfires have brought home to many the cost of sudden and unexpected disruptions.

A new guide Prepare for the unexpected- Build a Business Continuity Plan helps small businesses prepare for disruption so they can get back on their feet quickly. Developed in partnership with Resilience NSW, the guide provides practical, expert advice and easy to use templates so small businesses owners can develop their own comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

The guide is part of the NSW SMall Business Commissioner’s Get Ready Toolkit to help small businesses build resilience.

Excerpt from the Plan’s Introduction:

Every business should have a Business Continuity Plan. No business is immune to the risks of disruption or disaster. Nobody thinks an emergency event will happen to them, but preparing your business to survive such an event is vital for every business owner.

This Plan will guide you through the essential steps. It could mean the difference between a business being up and running quickly after a disaster or not reopening at all.

A Business Continuity Plan should outline strategies for keeping your business operational despite emergencies such as extreme weather events, illness, power outages, pandemics, cyber-attacks and other crimes.

Prepare for the unexpected has been designed to expand on the five-step plan outlined in Get Ready Business and will help you to know your risk, plan now for what you will do and get your business ready in more detail.

Download the Plan