Can my clients claim Pilates classes on their private health?

Whether your clients can claim Pilates on their Private Health insurance will depend on a number of factors:

  1. Are you a Full Member of the PAA?
    The Health Funds affiliated with the PAA ask that Instructors hold a minimum qualification of Diploma. Therefore only Full members (Graduate Level 1 through to Principal Trainer) are eligible to be recognised. Reports are sent once a month and your membership must be fully compliant to be included on the reports.
  2. Does the Health Fund that they pay into offer rebates for Pilates?
    The funds affiliated with the PAA that offer Pilates rebates are listed on our Health Fund page. Other funds offering rebates, but only if the practitioner is a registered Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who has access to HICAPS. If your client’s Health Fund is not listed on our website please ask them to confirm with the fund that they may receive rebates for Pilates from a non-registered Health Practitioner, and we will investigate further for you.
  3. Does your client have the correct cover to be entitled to claim Pilates classes?
    This is something your client will have to check with their Health Fund directly. Generally Pilates is only included in higher levels of cover within their extras.
  4. Does their Health Fund require referral by a recognised Health Practitioner?
    Many Health Funds require that, to receive a rebate, Pilates is part of an organised health management plan, i.e. not just for exercise or recreation. These funds require that a form is completed by a registered Health Practitioner (Doctor, Physio, etc.) before classes commence.

Health Funds are all individual business and so their working practices can vary from one to another. If you have a question not covered by this explanation please email with the name of the fund and your question.