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There is a perfect pair of ELEMENTS for everyone

This year, at Momentum World, was mainly about responding to our customers’ requests in the best way we could while staying true to our mission to provide a Comfortable and Functional product of great Quality to the Pilates communities around the world.

The biggest project was the wipeable collection. Wipeable straps and covers became the obvious choice for many studios. But there was an additional problem with what was readily available – unsuitable material and breakage that caused even more discomfort.  Customers asked us to provide a better solution.

It took us 6 months to source and then fine-tune the new material to meet ELEMENTS standards. This material is used on yachts, for medical equipment and in kindergartens. It has a beautiful hand feel, very close to the natural leather. The material properties together with the amazing craftsmanship of our team brought out a new collection of top-quality wipeable ELEMENTS. They can be sprayed with disinfectant multiple times per day, wiped dry within seconds and there will be no cracks. This season we offer you black, sand shell and taupe colours for wipeable: Pilates Loop and Roll, Pilates Double Loops, Small and Medium Double Loops, Single Loops, Foot Y and Shoulder Loops.

There are also two ELEMENTS latest additions to the regular collection: the Fuzzies, all black and the most cushiony strap in the world and Wide Sling, padded fleece lined with webbing ribbon to hold the shape and of course for the comfort.

ELEMENTS were born over 5 years ago from the idea that everyone should have their own personal straps. Not only for hygiene reasons but in order to perform better and this stands for the new starters and people in rehab as well as for the professional athletes.

ELEMENTS work with you and for you.

Join us in spreading colours and comfort with better movement at Pilates studios.

Visit our website and take your time browsing and choosing your next favourite straps:

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