Member News October 2020

A very warm welcome to the new members (21) who have joined the PAA family since our last update in the September 2020 newsletter.

Congratulations also to the students who graduated and to the members who have worked to achieve upgrades this period. We encourage you all to upgrade as you reach the next level, either by qualification or hours. For further information on upgrading please read about the benefits of upgrading and the upgrade process.

New Associate Student Members (18)

Alana Paraskeva
Amber Morris
Bella Cicero
Cecily Hemphil
Donna-marie Macpanas
Emily Robinson
Hayley Baker
Jane Boyle
Jenny Abela
Kelly Jirsa
Kirsty-lee Mears
Laura Bullwinkel
Madelayne West
Maree TanKiang
Narelle Madden
Nicola Gredziuk
Paige Lynch
Tara Hore

New Associate General Members (1)

Laura  Saggers

  New Matwork Members (1)

 Nicola McKeown  (, VIC)

 New Level 1 Members (1)

Veronica O’Reilly (Armidale, NSW)

Congratulations to PAA Member Upgrades (3)

Eve Fairbairn – upgraded from Associate Student to Graduate Level 1 (Hampton, VIC)
Kirsty-lee Mears – upgraded from Associate Student to Graduate Level 1 (Boambee, NSW)
Louise Kan – upgraded from Level 1 to Principal Trainer (Griffith, ACT)

Studio Membership ( 3)

Centre Space Pilates Studio -Griffith, ACT, Director – Louise Kan
Sense Of Power Pilates Studio -Pyrmont, NSW,  Director -Alisha Porter
The Pilates Nook – Coogee, NSW, Director – Carrie Guest