Member News May 2022

A very warm welcome to the new members who have joined the PAA community this month. We have 19 new student members just starting out on their Pilates training.

Congratulations to the students who have graduated and upgraded to a teaching membership and to those members who have upgraded their membership level.

We encourage all members to upgrade your membership as you reach the next level, either by qualification or hours as it highlights your experience to clients and we love to highlight you as well. For further information on upgrading please read about the benefits of upgrading and the upgrade process.

New Student Members (19)
Cherrie Whalen- David
Ka Hei Wong
Steph Wall
YiQin Cathy Zhou
Teresa Schroder
Amanda Calleja
Kate Stewart
Kristin Quinlivan
Estelle Rose Rehayem
Hanorah Wallace
Maria Belousova
Julia Goodsall
Leticia Gosse
Jessica Loh
Stacey Baldwin
Toscha Stopar
Emma Sharp
Emily Johnson
Jet Middleton

New Professional Instructor Members (2)
Sarah Redmond – Professional Instructor Level 1 – NSW
Kathryn Trend – Professional Instructor Level 1 – WA

Member Upgrades (4)
Kerrie Newham – Upgrade to Professional Level 1- ACT
Kelly Jirsa – Upgrade to Professional Level 1- NSW
Emily Yee – Upgrade to Group Instructor – NSW
Chantal de Raemy Holzherr – upgrade to Professional Level 1 – NSW

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