Member News July 2022

Membership News July 2022

A very warm welcome to the new members who have joined the PAA community this month. We have partnered with Tensegrity Training and National Pilates Training starting this month and have an outstanding 86 new student members just starting out on their Pilates training.

Congratulations to the students who have graduated and upgraded to a teaching membership and to those members who have upgraded their membership level.

We encourage all members to upgrade your membership as you reach the next level, either by qualification or hours as it highlights your experience to clients and we love to highlight you as well. For further information on upgrading please read about the benefits of upgrading and the upgrade process.

New Student members (86)

Imogen Parker
Jade Zimmerman
Tanya Howell
Penelope Taylor
Angharad Ferrier
Elizabeth Lee
Hayley Burke
Kristine Schultz
Jessica Godfrey
Alicia Seah
Lisa Devcic
Kerrie Sutcliffe
Thanpitcha Aungsasuwan
Harper Banks
Michelle Dove
Rachel Dove
Cuichan (Tracey) Li
Amara Mc Hugh
Jorja Purdie
Amber Johannesen
Laura Lyall-Venables
Sarah Molton
Jacqueline Pepper
Melissa Rawstorn
Mengjie (Alissa) Wang
Catherine Taylor
Michelle Hartley
Megan Boyd
Abigail Joustra
Eleanor Latham

Yuanyuan Wang
Shannon Jamieson
Christina Kyratzoulis
Karina Vaswani
Hee Song
Heather Anderson
Letizia Michael
Roberta Roberts
Susan Seven
Kristen Frize
Rachel Cutcliffe
Michelle Hinchey
Linden Hurd
Richelle Johnston
Patti Kidd
Marney Meredith
Anna Segal
Yucheng Zhou
Samantha Kraaymaat
Skye Chadwick
Stephanie Perera
Chelsea Burleigh
Kyambre-Jayde Berthelot
Nicole Corbell
Courtney Sims
Gregory Berry
Sarah Kane
Kiara Requin
Rodney Vincent
Tennelle Sibarani

Kayla Brooks
Kacee Clark
Violet Conroy-Blatch
Erin Dewhurst
Kyra Elson
Natasha Filipovski
Venus Fuller
Claire Grey-Sinclair
Samantha Herring
Eryn Hillyar
Melissa Keerie
Shylo-Marie Land
Steven Mallia
Taylor Moore
Breanna Wade
Samia Zaphir
Hannah Donnelly
Adam Harris
Michael Kuhnemann
Katie Loganathan
Jacqueline Page
Punarai Churat
Kelly Lackmann
Sarah McIntosh
John Occhipinti
Lisa Sturgess

New Group Instructor Members (1)

Belle Langford

New Studio Instructor Members (1)

Mariana Borovina- WA

Member Upgrades (9)

Kym Nelson – Upgrade to Studio Instructor – NSW
Teresa Schroder – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 1- VIC
Nina Birgitta Sundberg Moloney – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 1- VIC
Cherrie Whalen-David – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 1 – NSW
Yvette Clements – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 1- NSW
Rebecca Alton – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 1- NSW
Dianne Hawkins – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 2 – ACT
Karen Gock – Upgrade to Professional Instructor Level 2 – NSW
Maria del Carmen Diaz Simeon – Upgrade to Professional Level 3- QLD

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