Member News April 2021

A very warm welcome to the  new members (13) who have joined the PAA family since our last update in March 2021.

Congratulations also to the  students (2) who graduated and to the members (2) who have worked to achieve upgrades this period. We encourage you all to upgrade as you reach the next level, either by qualification or hours. For further information on upgrading please read about the benefits of upgrading and the upgrade process.

New Student Members (8)
April Barrett
Bronte Atkins
Christina Kwok
Erika Setkova
Jasmine Cabrera
Kalena Muir
Noor Howard
Vania Reis

New Group Instructor Members (3)
Laetitia Martin (VIC)
Sarah Lindemann (QLD)
Tarina Mullens (NSW)

New Studio Instructor Members (1)
Sophie Lampel (East Brighton, VIC)

New Professional Instructor Members (1)
Victoria Cahill (Kent Town, SA)

Congratulations to PAA Member Upgrades (4)
Benjamin Rashleigh – upgraded from Trainer Level 1 to Principal Trainer (Melbourne, VIC)
Erika Setkova – upgraded from Student to Group Instructor – Mat (QLD)
Leanne Mollison – upgraded from Professional 1 Instructor to Principal Trainer (Croydon, SA)
Nicola Gredziuk – upgraded from Student to Group Instructor – Mat (North Perth, WA)

Movement Collective Pymble – Anne-Maree Jones
Movement Collective Ultimo – Erin Jones