2021 Conference PDP process and certificates

2021 Conference PDP process and certificates

After three hectic days at the conference and many, many hours of On Demand watching lots of members are, naturally, wondering about their PDPs: how many have they earned and how do they get hold of them!

The On Demand period of the 2021 PAA Conference draws to a close at midnight next Tuesday, 5 October. Then our admin team can roll into action to collate viewing information and begin creating all the certificates.

These will be emailed to attendees during the following week.

How are points calculated?

‘Attendance’ at a workshop or masterclass is triggered when you have viewed a minimum of 80% of that session (which can be across several viewings).

Points are then accrued at 1 point for each hour of the workshop or masterclass. For example, a two hour workshop will accrue 2 PDPs.

Hint: If you have dipped in and out of sessions watching a bit here, a bit there, you might like to consolidate some of your viewing over this coming weekend, so you maximise your PDPs.